7 Ways to Find Your Target Audience on Twitter

7 Ways to Find Your Target Audience on Twitter

Are you struggling to identify your target audience on Twitter? Do you have a vague, mostly qualitative idea, but fall short when it comes to reaching your engagement drivers, future customers, and lifelong brand advocates?

So do most brands. Most of us aren’t reaching all the people who would be interested in our content and/or product. We have an overall idea of the demographics active on Twitter (21% of U.S. adults use the network, most of whom are ages 18-49 and have attended college at some point, according to the latest Pew Report), but find it challenging to match our brand with the audience likely to become customers–because we don’t really know who we’re looking for.

Here’s how to find your target audience on Twitter in a clear, analytical progression.

Finding out who your most engaged users are on Twitter means finding out who mentions your brand handle the most, and responds to the owned content you pump out from your brand handle most frequently.

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It also means you must be prepared to:

A) Pivot away from who you want your target audience to be, and towards who they really are, depending on what you find out in your analysis, or

B) Totally reformulate your content calendar to target your ideal audience, if this audience is not following/engaging with you today, or

C) Both continue serving content to your engaged-but-not-ideal audience and create a parallel content program to better target who you are trying to reach

Action Item: Once you’ve found out who your brand’s most engaged users are, come up with persona types and characteristics using these engaged users as a basis. Take stock of how closely these personas map to your larger marketing department personas. If they don’t match up, it’s time to do some retooling of your social strategy. 

This is the next step in building out your social personas, i.e. identifying your target audience(s). You need to evaluate who is expanding your brand reach on channels outside of Twitter, like Instagram and Facebook.

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Action Item: Find out who is using your owned hashtag and interacting with your brand on other social channels you are active on. This will give you an expanded view of not only who your target personas are, but how they feel about your brand, and the content they would respond well to across all your social channels. It may even give you some ideas about how to repurpose media from one platform to another.

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