The Top 25 Small Business Influencers You Need To Know

The Top 25 Small Business Influencers You Need To Know

Small businesses need a lot of learning from different sources, experts and journals.

There are lots of personalities who can give you an advice on your problems, or guide you in a better direction.

These influencing personalities can make your small business a success. All you need to do is follow their lead.

Twitter has lots of small business influencers, in different categories, which can help one aspect of the business or other.  

Let’s find out these twitter personalities, who can influence you for the better.

These journalists take an active part in various events, videos and other social gatherings where they give the best advice on the topics they’re experts on.

Let’s have a look on some small business journalists.

If you’re a small business owner, then you already know her name.

Anita is CEO of small biz trends and Biz Sugar, a regular publication on small businesses.

These publications are extremely helpful to small business owners and help them in clearing initial problems. Anita is awarded as a top influential woman for entrepreneurs by Forbes.

If you want some serious knowledge to extend your business, follow her now.

He is a CPA and writes every day about small business trends for Forbes, the Huffington post, and Washington posts.

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He is an incredibly good writer and shares great content. You can actually get deep insights of small business techniques which can enhance your profits.

Follow him if you want genuine helpful content.

Founder and CEO of GrowBiz Media, a company that provides content and marketing solutions to small business owners.

The company acts as a bridge between marketers and investors. The company also invests in new entrepreneurs and companies.

She is a powerful businesswoman, best-selling author, and a great lawyer.

Follow her for the experience and knowledge she has on small businesses.

He is a small business columnist in the USA today and a spokesperson.

He hosts podcasts about small business and trends involved. He has created a small publication called the self-employed, also wrote Planet entrepreneur. His content is engaging and helpful in various aspects of business.

Follow him for articles and podcasts that could help you out.

The author of New York Times Best-selling book, the Entrepreneur Equation, Carol is an investor, recovering investment banker, media person, and an influential person in the field of small business trends.

She is currently an on-air person at CNBC. Her commentary normally revolves around business and economy.

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Follow her for exclusive news about small businesses and trends.

When you think of starting up a new venture, you need a lot of things like market research, investment, product reach, target audience, profit margins and what not.

You may be amateur at this, but if you continuously read about these, you’re going to get better. There are many influential people on twitter that could help you out.

He’s a mentor you need when you are thinking of a start-up.

He is a veteran startup mentor, executive, blogger, author, tech professional and angel investor. Been published in famous names like Huffington post, Forbes, Gust, HBR and much more.

He founded Start-up professional Inc. which provides various services and resources to the entrepreneurs. Follow him for all the start-up questions and techniques.

Famously known as small biz lady, Melinda is Forbes no. 1 influential woman for entrepreneurs.

She has written a best-selling book named “Be your own boss in 12 months”.

She’s a great guide for start-ups, restructuring your business and social media.

Her content is most read in the small business niche, and people readily get engaged in the twitter chats and webinars.

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Follow her for getting a profound knowledge of start-ups.

Her vision is that every human being is capable of starting his own business, you just have to give him the insights and inspiration.

She guides various bloggers and brand advocate for small businesses.

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