Influencer and Marketing Campaigns on Social Media: Which Platforms to Use and When

Influencer and Marketing Campaigns on Social Media: Which Platforms to Use and When

Whether you or your brand have been running campaigns on social media since the days of MySpace's Top 8, or whether you're new to the game, there's some important self-inventory you need to take before you put a single marketing dollar toward social media.

As important as the quality of campaign content is, choosing the right social channel to run your influencer or other marketing campaign is even more critical. Posting the "right" content on the wrong social network is just as frustrating for the users who'll see it as it is for the brand or company that posts it. Great content from influencers isn't all that "great" if it seems out of place and leads to a negative reaction from a social network's users.

Being smart about choosing a social network (or a few) for a campaign comes down to knowing your company or brand (and goals) and understanding the network (and what makes it unique).

Setting some measurable goals for your influencer marketing campaign is up to you, but here's what we've learned in the 250+ campaigns we've run with brands and influencers on social networks.

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The biggest in the biz, Facebook has many native tools to provide you with campaign analytics. If you're looking to track app installs or purchases, Facebook is the best channel. With a sophisticated newsfeed algorithm, Facebook is also a great choice if a brand wants to target its message to a highly specific demographic. Location, age, gender, language, interests, behaviors... if there's a group at that Venn diagram intersection you're trying to reach, Facebook can help.

Because Facebook owns Instagram, it's hard to talk about one without the other. Running a concurrent campaign on Facebook and Instagram is helpful because you can quickly see which campaign posts are performing well organically on Instagram and then use Facebook's previously mentioned targeting capabilities to boost its presence in users' News Feeds.

Content that performs well on Instagram is likely to perform well on Facebook, and even more so if you give it the leg-up of putting a targeted boost (i.e., ad buy) behind it. In short, Instagram can be used as the test for what content to highlight on Facebook.

Keep promoted post copy short, and use visual content to draw users into your full message. A long caption may get cut off after a "Read more" fold, but an image/video is always visible.

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Stay on-top of new native tools and use them early: Facebook's algorithm tends to bump posts that use newly launched tools to the top of users' timelines, such as when Facebook Live launched.

If you're looking for highly talented creatives posting quality content, look no further than Instagram. The goal with Instagram content is to be a "thumbstopper"—content so good it grabs users' attention and halts their scrolling through their feed.

Instagram influencers have built a following based on the quality of their content, and they would bring that same drive to a brand's campaign—delivering content their followers will appreciate while still communicating a brand message.

Beyond getting them to post for your campaign, activating Instagram influencers is a great way to build a bank of high-quality content that you can use across any number of youe own channels, from billboards to tweets.

Despite the addition of a Facebook-like, non-chronological algorithm in 2016, Instagram Influencers are still enjoying high organic engagement. Instagram is also a great place to build brand affinity. Influencers are less likely to post content that looks like an "ad," and overall the tone of followers' comments skews positive.

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