How to Identify Influencers That Will Boost Your SEO Efforts

How to Identify Influencers That Will Boost Your SEO Efforts

A good ranking on Google’s search engine results page is invaluable. This is something that almost every marketer understands and is the reason why companies are constantly fighting to improve their SEO for the coveted top positions on Google.

SEO has changed and evolved significantly over the past few years. Once upon a time, webmasters could use black-hat SEO tricks to manipulate their websites to achieve a top position on Google and other search engines. But over time, Google became wise of these SEO tricks and has made algorithm changes that now penalize sites using black-hat SEO techniques.

Google’s algorithm changes over the past couple of years have revealed that the search engine giant is placing a large amount of influence on the authority of web pages. The higher quality content you have and the more links you have leading to your website, the more “authoritative” Google will consider your website on a topic and the more likely you are to rank well on the search engine.

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One way to gain some serious authority on the web is with the help of online influencers. Not only can influencers give you a boost for your SEO efforts, they can also help with brand promotion and awareness. Good influencers may even be more powerful and effective than paid advertising and are therefore an important tool in generating a growing customer base on the web.

So, what is an influencer? Influencers are generally internet personalities that have a large following and have the power to influence other people’s behaviors. They are more often than not savvy internet users that know how to take advantage of social media and other media outlets to reach large audiences and gain loyal followings.

Influencers may be celebrities, YouTube stars, bloggers, academics, brand advocates, and even journalists. Most influencers produce niche-based content, giving them authority in a specialized area. Influencer followers often trust the personalities and believe that their content is more authentic than what a brand is putting out.

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The whole idea behind influencer marketing is that these individuals have the ability to motivate their audiences, even more so than brands do. This is what makes brand-influencer partnerships so valuable. By partnering with influencers, you can create unique, authentic, and interesting content that is more likely to attract users.

Thanks to an influencer’s large reach, your brand will have the opportunity to connect to new audiences and new potential customers. Influencers can also help increase the amount of awareness that exists around your brand.

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