Can't Make it to a Conference? Here Are Twitter Tools to Use Instead

Can’t Make it to a Conference? Here Are Twitter Tools to Use Instead

There are some amazing conferences happening all over the world in every industry. From the unveiling of the latest products to guest speakers that are the top of the top, it can be so disappointing when you can’t afford to attend yourself, especially when you know there will be a lot going on there that can give you and edge over the competition.

This is the most common woe that I hear from others in my field: “Oh, I wanted to be there so badly, but just didn’t have the cash!” It is a sentiment I have echoed myself many times.

But the Internet has been a game changer, and social networking has expanded well beyond what we initially saw as its purpose. Twitter has become especially crucial in the sharing of information and connecting, with a number of tools to help keep up to date.

Examples of HR conferences and their official hashtags include:

Even if you are going, you may want your employees who are staying in the office to be able to follow the event to get more of your brand out there.

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Here are a couple of ways that you can be there without actually being there, and so get all of the benefits. Some of these could also be used by event planners to offer others the chance to check them out.

This is an excellent application that has a huge selection of purposes and can be used regularly for anything. As the name suggests, it is an archiving tool that extracts information from within the Twitter database and organizes it in an easily read and understood format.

Possibly the best part about this is how it is set up to give you each username, the date of a tweet, the time it was posted and the status itself. You can also customize and filter everything to give you just what you want and need.

One of the most useful options is to see which Twitter influencers have been using the hashtag. This is an excellent way to expand your Twitter connections to the conference visitors and speakers because the conference will be a good excuse to interact:

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A simple update program, this runs as an extension for Google Chrome.

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