How To Optimize the New LinkedIn for Your Business

How To Optimize the New LinkedIn for Your Business

For a lot of businesses, the LinkedIn company page is an overlooked part of a digital marketing strategy. It’s understandable: LinkedIn has built its reputation on being the more straight-laced, buttoned-up version of flashier social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. That approach has largely worked, as LinkedIn filled an important niche with a focus on networking, talent acquisition, and business-focused information sharing. At the same time, the reality is that most of its users were also spending a lot of time on other, more design-friendly social networks, and many parts of the LinkedIn layout were confusing.

Enter the new LinkedIn redesign. It all started with anoverhaul to the mobile experiencein late 2015. This featured a major shakeup in how the social network organized its information for the user. Instead of feeling like a directory, this redesign placed the emphasis back on the user, with first-person categories that included “My Network,” “Messages,” and “Me.” Messaging was revamped to feel like, well, a messaging app, and not some proprietary walled-garden version of email. Notifications were reorganized so you can glean more information at a glance and not feel overwhelmed.

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The updates to LinkedIn’s mobile experience were followed a little later with a new version of the site’s company pages, whichstarted going live to select businessesin late 2016. This update streamlined the look of these pages for a cleaner user experience while reorganizing the information into new categories. That beta went smoothly, which laid the groundwork for the latest and greatest:LinkedIn’s 2017 desktop redesign.

If you haven’t had a chance to fire up LinkedIn since the redesign, now is a good time to hop over and take a look at what’s going on. The first thing that’s readily apparent ishow similar it is in design to Facebook. The structure is almost identical: a link to your profile on the left; a center column populated by an endless string of content from your network underneath a prompt to share your own; and even the ad placement in the right-hand column.

The centralizing and prioritizing of content is a key part of LinkedIn’s bid to make the social network a little more business casual. You’ll notice that posts are expandable within the timeline and that the formatting tends toward visually emphasizing the content: pictures pulled from a link, bold headlines, snippets of the discussion that has started about the post, etc. We’ll come back to this when we look at the new company page, but for now, the thing to note is that LinkedIn has adapted its design to make posts that are more in line with other social networks, making it easier to optimize and adapt content across platforms.

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The final thing we should look at on the homepage is the revamp of notifications. It used to be that any and every interaction you had on LinkedIn would all be a part of the same massive list. You’d see the familiar red circle with a big number in it, but when you pulled down the menu, it was hard to see what all the fuss was about.

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