20 Pros Reveal What Makes a Perfect Twitter Marketing Strategy

20 Pros Reveal What Makes a Perfect Twitter Marketing Strategy

What’s your Twitter marketing strategy? Is it working? There are over 350,000 tweets posted every minute of every day. How do you ensure your messages stand out? Google, Nike, Starbucks, and more big brands fought for attention and won. Was it luck or brilliant Twitter marketing?

We took a close look to learn how these big names got it right. We fired up Talkwalker’s social listening tool and, using Interbrand for reference, chose 18 top brands from nine industries. To mix it up a bit, we added a couple of CEOs you may have heard of. We mined a years’ worth of data from each brand, measuring hashtag usage, most successful tweets, if and how brand ambassadors and influencers were employed, and engagement with customers.

Below are some examples of what worked for these global giants on Twitter. You can read the full report of all 20 brands and discover how they rocked Twitter and find inspiration for your own Twitter marketing strategy.

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If you believe what you say, and if you can back it up, tweet it—engagement stats relish it!

Richard Branson loves to express his opinion. He’s not doing it to be adored—often, the comments he receives are negative. He says what he believes, and he shares his passions, whether it’s #VoteRemain for the UK to stay in Europe or #readbyrichard books about improving the justice system.

If your brand is attacked, you must address the negativity and protect your brand. Donald Trump’s hit on The New York Times brought a mature and measured response.

Siemens suffers negative comments on Twitter with regard to environmental issues. Rather than responding directly, it regularly posts tweets with positive hashtags like #CleanEnergy and #Ingenuity.

Read more about Siemens, The New York Times, Richard Branson, and other global brands.

Brand ambassadors and influencers aren’t always planned, as the following tweet about Starbucks shows.

An A-list celebrity suffered a case of mistaken identity while ordering a drink. She tweeted, and it quickly went viral—19.9 thousand retweets and over 47 thousand likes. Starbucks responded with an apology and asked if her drink was good, earning 957 likes in the process.

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Google loves a trend and skillfully employs newsjacking, almost daily. It works for the brand, as it keeps its Twitter account interesting without heavily selling of products. The result? Google received the most mentions and second most retweets of all the brands we studied.

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