5 Steps To An Influencer Marketing Strategy

5 Steps To An Influencer Marketing Strategy

Influencer marketing is vital for any consumer-facing brand in 2017. The concept is certainly not new. Many brands have used influencers as marketing assets in some form or another for decades.

So, how has influencer marketing evolved ? The rise of new platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat have been the game changer for influencer marketing.

“It’s the current darling of the marketing world with more than 60% of brands having implemented influencer marketing in their 2016 marketing strategy,” says Tracey Harrington McCoy, COO at MtoM Consulting.
Smart brands already have a social media following. But adding an influencer marketing strategy will introduce your brand to a new, wider audience already interested in your industry.

Essential elements of an influencer marketing campaign are . . .
Impact campaign and product launches by getting instant visibility
Maximize social results to meet brand business goals using influencers in your industry
Build relationships with influencers to leverage a target audience likely to be interested in your brand
Have influencers share your brand’s messages, upload your products, and truly becoming brand ambassadors
Repurpose authoritative high-end influencer content for your marketing strategy
Measure influencer reach for your brand, and identifying influencers with the best results

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Develop An Influencer Marketing Program In 2017

This year may be the perfect moment to take the next step in your influencer marketing efforts. This means not only developing influencer marketing campaigns, but an actual influencer program as well.
Why have an influencer marketing program in place for 2017? For instance, a Tomoson study found that businesses are earning $6.50 for each dollar spent on influencer marketing.

If you want to see a ROI with 30 times return, think influencer marketing program. And if you are a marketing manager, take a program plan to your COO and get the props you deserve.

Marketers everywhere are seeing the value in an influencer program. Since social visibility has become the marketing boon, go with influencers who have made social networks their home away from home.

1. Create An Influencer Marketing Campaign Around KPI's

Do you have a list of exciting influencer campaign ideas? If you’re highly motivated to boost your brand’s reach, you most likely do. Having plenty of ideas is important to your marketing strategy. But before launching your exciting new influencer campaign, it is vital to do your due diligence.

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Why am I starting an influencer campaign?

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are indeed that due diligence, and a sure fire way to launch the most powerful influencer campaign possible.

One important question to ask is, “Why am I starting an influencer campaign?” This simple question determines your success. You want to have a clear goal in mind to ensure your campaign gets the results you envisioned for your brand.

For instance, if you want to complement a new product launch with an influencer campaign, your KPIs could be . . .
● The total number of sales for the campaign
● The amount of social engagements (comments, shares, pins, tweets, etc.)
● The number of unique visitors funneled to your website via an influencer
Developing an influencer marketing campaign around KPIs will keep you focused on the clear goal you set from the get go. Sure, a boost in sessions is great, but what about conversions?

2. Know Who Your Ideal Influencers Will Be

Who is your ideal influencer, and are they realistic? Knowing who your influencers are is brand dependent. But it is important to keep your influencer choices on planet Earth.
For example, reaching out to Richard Branson to promote your new mobile app may not be the most realistic choice.

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