5 Steps to Building a Content Marketing Powerhouse

5 Steps to Building a Content Marketing Powerhouse

Seven years ago, Kathleen Matthews, Marriott’s EVP of communications, walked into Bill Marriott’s office with an idea. After 25 years as a reporter and news anchor for an ABC News affiliate in Washington, D.C., she knew the power of a good story—especially when it came from a compelling figure. So, naturally, she wanted Marriott to have a blog, and she wanted Bill Marriott to write it.

The blog was a hit and today, you might mistake Marriott for a media company that just happens to manage towering resorts and offer rooms for let.

The anecdote—cribbed from the opening of our Content Marketing Playbook series—was how Contently co-founder Shane Snow and I recently greeted guests at Google’s Campus London as we gathered for a “Content Salon” on the process of building a publishing house at the core of your marketing organization.

The program, the second in a planned series of Content Salons, had an ambitious topic: everything you need to know to get started in content marketing. It was a broad topic, probably too much information for any one night, but we wanted to start from the beginning and offer an overview of the process, tackling five key areas. Since only a small share of our global audience had the chance to make it, we wanted to share our takeaways, as well as a SlideShare of our presentation, below:

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Most marketers can’t walk into the CEO’s office and pitch the idea of building a small media company within a large corporation. Instead, content marketers are faced with a task of persistently championing content marketing over time. But it’s more than just spouting stats at anyone who will listen achat cialis en pharmacie.

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