5 Ways to Drive the Success of Influencer Relations

5 Ways to Drive the Success of Influencer Relations

Last month we published a blog post entitled ‘5 Most Common Reasons why Influencer Marketing Fails’. Now, while we are confident that this article was helpful in pinpointing exactly where brands can go wrong when implementing an influencer relations programme, we appreciate that we’ve only told half the story; what’s a story without a happy ending? Understanding where you can go wrong is an important first step in knowing what not to do, but in order to really increase your chances of achieving results, it is important to understand exactly how you can put your foot on the accelerator and drive success.

To remind you, the 5 most common reasons why influencer marketing fails as per our previous blog are:

Now, for those of you with a keen eye, you may have already noticed the good news; there is a theme in the above problems- the word “lack” appears in each one. To lack something means that something is missing; easily remediable by simply introducing that something.While the word “simply” may be an understatement,this is still a far more ideal scenario than having to change entirely. With this said, below are some suggestions as to how you can mitigate the above problems.

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Focus initially on the short term wins to demonstrate success to senior management

While in the grand scheme of things it is very important to have scalable long term plans and measurable targets for influencer relations, in order to get senior management on board, it is important to initially think short term and demonstrate where you have had success as quickly as possible. If senior management can see tangible proof that Influencer Relations has the potential to not only produce impressive ROI but contribute to the achievement of business objectives, they’re far more likely to dedicate more resource and perhaps expand plans across the business.

While the long term results from influencer relations have the potential to be impressive, in a business world where results are demanded almost instantaneously, it is important to be able to justify the investment costs to senior management. For example, hold a networking event where a well known influencer gives a talk or presentation; this can attract prospects, facilitate sales opportunities and yield instant results- something that will get senior managements’ attention. This puts you in good stead to focus on a long term influencer relations plan; building relationships with key influencers in which you can reap huge success perhaps 3-6 months down the line.

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As mentioned in our previous blog post, while senior management are harder to convince, once you win them over they’re likely to be a great advocate for Influencer Relations across the business and may well sell the benefits to other senior managers.

Evangelise internally with program participants as well as senior management

Implementing influencer relations is no mean feat. Like anything revolving around change or a new, ambiguous territory, there are going to be resistant and dubious team members. Marketing is a huge space in which it’s impossible to understand and appreciate every aspect- the harsh reality is that not everyone will get influencer marketing straight away.

It is both unreasonable and unrealistic to expect an entire team to embrace a new marketing activity without question, simply because you can understand the benefits.

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