9 Ways to Turn Visitors Into Fans With Engaging Content

9 Ways to Turn Visitors Into Fans With Engaging Content

You may feel like a success as you watch how many visitors come to your site and the metrics just continue to climb and climb. Unfortunately, these numbers mean nothing if those visitors don’t actually transform into buyers. Think of it in terms of a retail or department store. The store wouldn’t last long if it had thousands of visitors every day that never actually bought anything.

In reference to an online site, your goal is to turn those who come to your “store” or site into active, engaged buyers and fans of your brand. Your content is a huge part of catching the attention of your target market, and we have nine ways you can turn casual visitors into loyal buyers of your brand.

Storytelling is a common method of catching the interest of your visitors, but if the stories aren’t interesting and engaging, then they aren’t doing their job. Effective storytelling takes emotion and connects it to ideas. This guarantees that your customers have an emotional connection to your brand or product when they find they have something in common with you.

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Research suggests that the emotional, subconscious brain is responsible for 95% of cognition. This highlights the fact that stories engage and activate the brain in places that give us an experience. Make that experience one your customers will remember, and the emotion will carry over to when it’s time to actually buy something.

You can use a variety of ways to connect and engage your customers. Organic traffic, social media and email opt-ins are just a few ways to engage. It’s important to remember that your site isn’t the only place that you can convert visitors into buyers. Research suggests that email is one of the most effective ways to engage buyers with a 66% conversion rate.

Email allows you to build and recapture interests with high value content and occasional promotions. These emails are welcome because most visitors have chosen to receive them, and they boost your credibility to keep you at the front of the mind of the buyer.

If your goal is to increase sales, it may not make much sense to give stuff away for free, but there are times this is exactly what you should do. You may offer a promotional item or a sample of your product. Some companies choose to give away content intended to help solve a problem.

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You may give away a report, e-book or trial subscription for a service you offer to keep visitors engaged. A free offer can knock down barriers, demonstrate your confidence and experience, build trust, and answer questions your visitors may not even know they have. Keep your offer bold and simple so it doesn’t get lost in the graphics and additional content.

Random visitors are more likely to buy if they have some sort of social proof that your brand is credible and your product is good. Most consumers like to buy what is popular and others are buying. They believe that a product or service is worth their time if others believe it is good. In this way, testimonials and reviews can be used to inspire visitors to purchase your services.

Also, use videos and images within your content to engage and encourage visitors to take action. Consumers are more likely to respond to quick, easy to understand content in video or infographic form than they are a lengthy, drawn out blog posts or articles.

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With the emergence of online shopping and e-commerce, most industries became much more competitive.

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