Content Marketing Is Going To Change Considerably In 2018

Content Marketing Is Going To Change Considerably In 2018

In the world of content marketing, we’re getting used to the fact that things are constantly in a state of flux. Every year there seems to be an enormous shift in how things operate. 2018 is shaping up to be yet another year where things change considerably, and we have to rewrite the content marketing books. Here’s how.

Native marketing has long been something that companies have been investigating. However, it’s only really in the last couple of years that companies have been putting the pedal to the metal on this form of advertising. The reason is that traditional banner ads and other marketing methods aren’t having the same impact that they once did. As a result, we’re seeing less impact among customers who want additional value from their advertising.

Even more concerning, anti-free market professors at leading universities likeMIT have been working hard to build ad-blockersthat rely on highly sophisticated AI systems. The ad-blockers are adept at recognising ads in the same way that people do, looking out for differences in font, frame styles and graphics. As a result, many Internet platforms will become demonetised if they don’t shift to native advertising and content generation.

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People seem to think that just because an innovation came along early in the life of the internet, it’s destined to eventually fall by the wayside. Such has been the story with email marketing. For years, pundits have been sounding the death knell for this particular marketing method and for years they’ve been proven wrong. Email marketing is still highly effective, all thanks to the fact that people are still heavily reliant on emails, regardless of other options like Whatsapp or Slack. As a result, companies are still going to benefit from sending out newsletters to their customers and clients, telling them about changes at their business and special offers.

Content Needs More Than Just Writing

Content writing is great for the time being. But manyWordPress expertsexpect that it will evolve considerably over the next couple of years into more creative areas. One important change will be improved visuals as artificial intelligence makes illustration easier.

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