Curation As A Content Strategy

Curation As A Content Strategy

Hi all! If you’re like me, the concept of Content Curation can be a bit fuzzy. Or maybe you have no idea what it is and that’s why you’re here, reading this post out of curiosity.

Luckily my bestie Kelly McCausey came over to help clear it up.

Before I hand over my blog to Kelly, though, I want to make sure you  know what content creation is. Kelly explains it like this.

It’s basically sharing content that you find that is relevant and interesting to your audience. The benefits are many and it’s fun.

This is a guest post from my good friend (if I could choose a sister, she’d be it) and partner in creating Bold Breakthroughs at the Beach, Kelly McCausey.  She also was one of my first mentors online and still makes the world a more awesome place every day. 

Kelly has a full course on using content curation to your advantage and has brought us a meaty taste of how it serves our content goals.

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I’m approaching curation in a few different ways but the core strategy I’m using involves curating a collection of market focused content on my site.

If you’re like me, you want to be THE source for your people.

I’m not interested in only pointing to what others say and I doubt that would be engaging for others.  I generate unique content for my market.  I write blog posts, record podcasts, and publish original learning resources based on my experience with business.   My readers respect my curated content because they’ve grown to respect my overall unique opinions.

My target market is made up of solopreneurs running online businesses and they’re interested in content that helps them work smarter and be more profitable.

They love outsourcing but they’re not interested in building a staff.  They love business tactics that lend more flexibility to their day and tend to move away from things that gobble up large amounts of time.

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They love user friendly tech, social media time savers and information that helps them better reach and establish relationships with their chosen markets.

So that is just the sort of content I’m looking to curate on Solo Smarts.

I monitor a large number of news sites, blogs, podcasts and social media, keeping an eye out for things that shout ‘solopreneur friendly’ to me.

My preference is to subscribe to as many RSS feeds as possible so that I can decide when to pay attention to them.  If that’s not at all available I will subscribe to an email list.

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