Influencer marketing: With 960% ROI

Influencer marketing: With 960% ROI, how can you ignore it? (VB Live)

With an extraordinary 960% ROI, influencer marketing should be a top priority. But who should you connect with, how do you develop the relationship, and how can you leverage it effectively? Join this interactive VB Live event for insight into getting the best results.

Who are they going to believe — you, the person looking to make a profit from the tender, innocent consumers you’re targeting? Or their favorite social media star, the internet-famous person they don’t know if they want to be, or want to be with?

You’re pretty sure you know the answer to that. And it’s also the answer to why influencer marketing can be a powerful brand strategy when you’re looking to build your credibility, your reputation, and honest-to-god belief in the power behind your product.

But while the gut check has always an been essential tool in the marketer’s belt, increasingly we’re not only being asked to prove bottom-line results, but eager to demonstrate the kind of sexy ROI that makes the C-suite want to keep boosting your budget.

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Luckily the ROI is now proven to be for-real: Rhythm One, a digital advertising solutions specialist, recently discovered that for every buck spent on an influencer marketing strategy, the average earned media value was $9.60 — or in other words, a 960 percent return on investment.

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