New Influencer Marketing Research Has Four Key Findings

New Influencer Marketing Research Has Four Key Findings

Call me a decisive nerd, but I enjoy gathering the research required to make an informed decision, and eagerly awaiting the outcome.

No matter the occasion, I rarely make a choice without turning to a trusted source for advice.

This is the new normal.

According to Nielsen, 92 percent of consumers trust peer recommendations over other forms of advertising.

This shift in trust has triggered the growth and expansion of influencer relations.

In fact, 71 percent of marketers consider working with influencers strategic or highly strategic.¹

But is it actually working?

When executed properly, yes, but that’s not always as easy as it sounds.  

To investigate the practice and help marketers achieve success,Traackrteamed withTopRank Marketingto conduct aglobal research study.

We surveyed 102 enterprise marketing leaders from Adobe, American Express, Microsoft, and many more.

They shared their experiences with influencer marketing, and thoughts on its future as a strategic game changer.

Introducing the concept of Influence 2.0, which isn’t about introducing a clever moniker.

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This is about pushing marketers forward and helping them transform.

The goal is to take everything that works with the influencer marketing practice and move it towards something more meaningful: Influencer relations.

This is a new discipline which transcends all relationship-driven marketing.

It’s not a simple “rebrand” of your existing PR resources.

I’m talking about ways to unite disparate groups in your organization, which in turn, affect sales and retention.

You can harness the power of influence to transform in this new world and be exactly what your audience wants: Empathetic and human.

Based on the survey data, we’ve uncovered new standards and methods for identifying, managing, and measuring influencer engagement.

Below you’ll find some of the key findings, as analyzed by Brian Solis.

I’ve also included some actionable steps to set the foundation for this new discipline.

Influencer marketing program growth is stunted by a disconnect between departments that own influencer marketing and those that execute its tactics and strategies.

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For example, only 16 percent of companies cite PR as the owner of influencer marketing.

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