Personal branding

Personal branding, your differentiation and value added for your professional life

We often get confused about what our personal is and its value for our professional life. Which social networks is it appropriate to post material for one or the other? How do you keep the two as separate as possible? Should our private, personal, and professional lives be kept separate and if so why?

¨There are ways to at least attempt to keep your professional and personal life separate.¨ Let’s evaluate but also bare in mind that ¨you really only have one brand out there, and it is a mixture of both your “lives.”  Either you are posting purely your social content (rather private content) or your professional content, but there are social networks like beBee where you can showcase the whole you by combining both.

A combined professional and personal profile (not private) gives a complete overview of your passions and interests in work and pleasure. Only demonstrating half of your interests and passions only gives an insight to one side of you when really you have a whole different side of knowledge, likes and interests to showcase in addition. At beBee we understand that to succeed the key is showcasing both professional and personal sides.

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What’s the difference between the use of our personal brand for our personal and professional lifes?

¨A personal brand is something that is self-defined. It’s how you dress and act. It’s what you broadcast via social media to the world.¨ A personal brand is your interests, hobbies and passions. It is a display of your preferences in what you are interested in. At beBee your personal brand is created from the hives you join based on your personal interests. Mine for example are scuba diving, traveling, lifestyle, cars, etc. Through posting content in these hives about your personal interests you are creating a personal brand.

Personal branding is the social displays of our personal (not private) interests. 

beBee is a great place to meet new people through your interests and passions. You can easily showcase your personal brand while connecting with other like-minded people.

“Social media is rooted culturally in showing your real, whole self [...]. The fundamental truth is that your personal is almost undoubtedly more interesting than you business life. Period.” That is because others will want to see your personal brand because they are interested in you. Therefore what you post will be analyzed, thought about, reviewed, have comments and opinions and also shared. There is huge interest in what we post in our personal profiles by our friends, family and peers.

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This is how you reflect your professional reputation through what you’re known for (or would like to be known for). Your achievements, your professional likes and interests as well as your knowledge and skill set.

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