Storytelling in Content Writing: 5 Steps You Can Leverage to Drive Business Growth

Storytelling in Content Writing: 5 Steps You Can Leverage to Drive Business Growth

We all love stories. It catches our attention and stays with us for a long time. The power of storytelling in content writing cannot be overlooked.

An old Native American proverb reads: “Tell me the facts and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.” 

In today’s world, connecting with customers is becoming increasingly difficult. There is enormous information online that is distracting them on a daily basis. People’s attention span is really decreasing more and more by the day. In fact, it was revealed that the human attention span has reduced from an average of 12 seconds in the year 2000 to eight seconds today.

In order to win customers, you must use storytelling in content writing for your business.

Your brand story is about how your products or services exist in the first place. It is what you do to solve people’s problems or meet their needs. An authentic brand story will enable you to connect with your audience, one on one.

When you tell your readers a story, three things happen to them:

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When you share your authentic story with your target audience, they will be drawn to you, leading to brand awareness and business growth.

Storytelling is simply the art of using words, images, and sounds to communicate your idea, message or event.

This implies that when you are creating content for your blog or as a guest writer, you can employ the use of stories to connect with your readers.

Before you start creating stories for your business, you need to know the following things:

Using the elements above, you can create a story with the following characteristics:

Now that you know what a good storytelling in content writing is, below are 5 steps you can follow to create awesome stories that your customers will truly love.

Every brand has an ‘aha’ moments. There are powerful stories you can build around specific moments of change, growth or challenge. When visitors come to your web page, what stories do you tell them? Do you fling your product/service in their faces, even before they get to know who you are?

You need to, first of all, create a connection with your target audience before you start selling to them. If you do otherwise, they will find it difficult to trust you, knowing you don’t care about their problems.

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Here, you can use your past experiences, case studies, and research you have conducted in the past to tell them stories. Neil Patel uses the art of storytelling in content writing very well:

He created a storytelling post about his experience – the title of the post is “How spending $162,301.42 on clothes made me $692,500″.

In the post, he narrated his experience on how he started spending more on clothes as it helps him to grow his consulting rate from $100 to over $1,000. This is the kind of stories that draw readers in and drives business growth – this post generated 100 comments, 2,000 Facebook, and Twitter shares. That is brand awareness!

Humans are created to share and listen to stories. We all love it! Incorporating storytelling in content writing is a natural way to grow your business. It has the capacity to spice up your content.

A good example of a blogger that uses this strategy very well is Jon Morrow. He is one of the top bloggers I respect so much. He wrote a post titled “How to quit your job, move to paradise and Get paid to change the world.”

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In the post, he narrated how he was hit by a car while driving.

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