Using influencer campaigns for real-time amplification

Using influencer campaigns for real-time amplification

By all accounts, influencer marketing will continue to be a hot topic in 2017. One of the most common ways to approach influencer marketing is as a standalone product endorsement campaign — but it shouldn’t stand alone in a silo. When planned and executed strategically, influencer marketing can be a powerful tool to amplify all types of real-time marketing initiatives, including live television.

With a well-timed campaign, content creators can call attention to your newest campaign or share a branded message or hashtag at the exact moment your audience is most likely to be paying attention.

For example, Avocados From Mexico amplified its 2017 Super Bowl ad by recruiting thousands of brand ambassadors to share its campaign content in the week leading up to the big game, in exchange for points and the chance to win awards.

Tide amplified its #BradshawStain Super Bowl stunt and corresponding commercial with tweets from influencers that included not only the ad’s stars Terry Bradshaw and Jeffrey Tamboor, but also NBA player Joel Embiid, and even Grumpy Cat.

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A layer of influencer amplification could support any number of marketing initiatives, for example:

When does it work? As a rule of thumb, any time you as a brand are creating shareable moments for your consumer, think about how those moments could also be shared by the content creators who influence them.

To determine if influencer amplification makes sense for your next campaign, start with your audience. Where do they spend their time on the internet? Which influencers do they trust? Does that combination of platform + influencer make sense as a place to amplify your campaign?

For instance, Twitter tends to lend itself to live coverage, particularly with appointment television like sporting events and award shows, while Instagram works well with highly visual content that can be organized by hashtag. Pinterest is best to support evergreen inspiration and how-to content, and Snapchat provides highly authentic real-time content with loyal digital natives.

Timing is key for getting the most impact out of your amplification efforts.

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