Why Every Marketing Channel Won't Work for Your Business

Why Every Marketing Channel Won’t Work for Your Business

I’m heavily involved in the influencer marketing space, and recently wrote  why you need to take advantage of it and how to do it successfully . As a result, my agency was flooded with inquiries from companies in a wide variety of industries. The companies who enquired all knew they wanted to do influencer marketing . . . they just didn't know anything about how it works, or whether it even would work at all.

Not every marketing channel is going to work for every business, and just because one company experiences a massive ROI doesn’t mean that another company is going to experience a comparable return. Let me explain why.

Reason 1: You don’t have enough time to dedicate to management and optimization.
No online advertising option is truly “set and forget.” All of them require constant monitoring and optimization. Most large brands either have a large online marketing team in-house or they hire a digital agency . Larger brands want (and have the budget) to be visible on every channel -- it’s part of their branding play.

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Smaller companies with limited staff, or solopreneurs doing their own marketing, advertising simply don’t have the time to manage and optimize several channels. These companies need to identify one or two options that have the potential to scale. Often, it's smart to focus on Facebook ads and AdWords pay-per-click campaigns, as both feature virtually unlimited scaling opportunity.

Reason 2: Not every audience has the same intent.
There’s a big difference between actively seeking and impulse actions. Facebook ads can produce a great ROI for some brands, but you have to understand how those ads are displayed. While Facebook offers excellent targeting options, the users see your ads in their feed. They aren’t actively searching for the product or service you offer.

If your company sells consumer health products, for example, then Facebook ads are a great way to put your offer in front of an audience that is likely interested in what you are selling.

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