3 Questions To Ask Before You Create a Facebook Ad

3 Questions To Ask Before You Create a Facebook Ad

Advertising is part of our everyday life. Whether it’s billboards on the freeway, ads on the side of a bus, or inserts in your newspaper, businesses are always vying for your attention. Facebook is no different.

Facebook started supporting advertising soon after it launched in February 2004. As the platform has grown and matured over the last decade, so have advertisers, and today the ad platform is utilized by businesses both large and small.

No matter what size your company is, some questions need to be asked regardless of whether you’re running a multimillion-dollar campaign or creating your first ad on Facebook.

There are several advertising options you can choose from when creating an ad on the Facebook platform. You’re provided with 11 different choices that will more than likely meet your advertising objectives. From brand awareness to app installments to conversions, make sure to choose the one that fits your goals to leverage Facebook to the maximum.

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Facebook provides the ability to place your ad on the right side of the feed (right rail), in a user’s news feed, or both options simultaneously. Depending on your ad, you also have the option to advertise on multiple platforms, like Instagram and the Audience Network. There are pros and cons to each placement.

The benefit of news feed placement of your ad is that the ad appears right in your followers’ news feeds where they spend the most time looking. If they’re skimming their news feed, they will most likely run into your ad if they’re in your target audience. But this could also be seen as a con to some. When some people see these ads in their feeds they perceive them as spam. 

The benefit of right rail placement is that ads may be perceived as less intrusive than their news feed counterparts. But again, from your perspective as an advertiser this ad placement may be less desirable. Some Facebook users disregard the right rail all together because they know that’s where the ads are. 

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For all situations it’s a good idea to test your options and continue with the ad placement that performs best. You can also try boosting organic posts and comparing those results against your placed advertisements.

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