How are organisations using digital channels to improve their reach and customer service?

How are organisations using digital channels to improve their reach and customer service?

As an organisation, finding the right marketing channels is an essential part of your marketing strategy. The most effective channels will depend on your organisation and your audience.

It could be marketing via email, improving your search visibility or generating engagement on social media. Connect with your audience in the right way, and you’ll be rewarded with more than just increased revenue. You’ll also build your brand through referrals and nurture customers who will return to you time and time again.

A report published by AVADO surveyed over 250 organisations to benchmark their digital skills against the industry. The survey, based around eight key digital capabilities, looked at how organisations are using digital channels to increase visibility and improve the customer experience. The full results and analysis appear in The Digiskills Report.

When asked which channels they had a presence on, 83% of organisations responded that they were working to improve online interactions using website optimisation. Boosting the number of users that complete a website goal (like a purchase or a signup) is clearly a top priority – after all, why drive traffic to your site if it doesn’t generate revenue?

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The power of social was also in evidence, with 80% of respondents having a presence on some form of social media. As social media ad spend is predicted to reach $35.98 billion globally in 2017, it’s no wonder the organisations in our survey are looking to get the best possible ROI from their social channels.

Email marketing (67%) was the next most popular response, showing it remains a reliable and cost-effective way of communicating with customers. This was closely followed by search engine marketing, with 53% using it to drive traffic. This figure is arguably surprising, given the overwhelming majority of first-time website users that find domains via search engines.

Just 4% of survey respondents said that none of the listed channels applied to them.

Mobile is an essential part of the marketing landscape – 79% of internet users around the world now own a smartphone – creating a huge opportunity for organisations to connect with their customers. Not only is it direct, it’s also effective – the average conversion rates for smartphone users are up 64% compared to the average desktop conversion rates in 2016.

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So it’s surprising to see just 39% of organisations reporting they had a presence on mobile. In 2015, mobile accounted for 33% of internet traffic globally – a figure that grew to 39% in 2016 (as of Q1) and shows no sign of slowing.

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