Personal branding

The 5 keys to professional influence 3.0

e-branding, e-influence, personal branding and professional communication entered a new era with the development of social networks. What are the levers that exist today to promote your own personal brand? What are the tricks for boosting your digital and real-life reputation? Five words startingsum-up a very effective recipe.

“We create a meal like a piece of music or an oil painting with its textures and tricks of the eye (or tricks of the palette), chords and notes. Just like music, we speed-up and slow down. In order to make tasting more dynamic, we sometimes recommend an order in which to taste things, which creates a kinetic energy of emotion: we add more spices, increase the acidity and to finish, something sweet and sugary ... and there you have it, a few movements are born” Thierry Marx Like the Michelin guide, which awards stars to the best chefs, the modern internet awards its scores to professionals. Klout, Social Authority (Followerwonk), Webmii ... measuring ‘e-influence’ has become a significant parameter of communication in the 21st century. Ranking systems such as Traackr or Augure also make it possible to find effective broadcasters and to identify the most influential personalities by topic or industry.

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Everything has been put in place to allow professionals to compare themselves with each other, everything has been done to make e-branding a factor that shouldn’t be neglected in one’s career, everything has been done so that the development of the personal brand becomes more important in the coming years and is destined to enter a new era of which we are only just beginning to see the first fruits.

5 C words facilitate the development of personal branding, 5 techniques allow each expert to accentuate his notoriety in his universe, 5 words help to solve this enigma that may seem inaccessible.

"Man can do nothing good or bad only by joining. There is no stronger armor against oppression or more wonderful tools for great works" (Pierre Waldeck- Rousseau).

The effectiveness of participation in the work of professional associations in its sector is no longer to be proven. Working groups, guides, white papers, studies, collective publication, the options are multiple and facilitate the construction of a reputation that can quickly translate into a e-reputation.

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A person credibility broadcasts quickly by participating in discussions between experts. The difficulty of penetrating this universe depends essentially on a good mapping of the main associations of its sector then of the capacity to seize the opportunities to be invited. The grail of recognition by his peers is measured by a presence in the decision-making committees and by appointment to positions of responsibility. Being a representative of the profession on a topic facilitates communication and reinforces credibility.

“Our lives are made up of a whole network of inextricable ways, among which a fragile instinct guides us, always a precarious balance between the heart and the reason "(Georges Dor).

Real or virtual networks, the enlargement of circles of knowledge is easier. The more the 1st level will be extended the easier it will be to access the 2nd and 3rd level of knowledge. Useful for solving professional difficulty, useful for sharing information, useful for giving a positive image, those networks are making the integration into the professional world easier. In this mess, which sometimes may seem difficult to understand, the challenge is to identify the "heads of nodes" that facilitate access to new unforeseen contacts.

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