12 Emerging Influencer Marketing Trends for Social Media to Watch

12 Emerging Influencer Marketing Trends for Social Media to Watch

Each fall, bloggers and social media experts are asked to make their predictions about the trends for the upcoming year. At a time when changes are occurring at an accelerated pace, it appears increasingly risky to predict what is coming. The ecosystem of social networking is complex with the emergence of new platforms for aggregation and distribution of content.

We can only observe and narrate the changes during the current year based on various studies, and speculate on the innovations that will bring new trends. That’s what I try to do with my columns on the influence of marketing in social media, and the emergence of new connected consumers of Generation C.

Over the past 2 years, several trends among companies and organizations and influencers and leaders of social media have been confirmed, and will continue to assert themselves in the coming months. Other new trends observed recently, will probably bring changes that we just can presume.

The past year was a year of maturation for the influence of marketing in social media. Several major studies were carried out during the year, showing that influence marketing concepts and content are better integrated into the strategies of companies and organizations.

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In early summer, the Augure firm released a report on the status and influencers of marketing practices in 2015. A study I have had the pleasure to participate with distinguished colleagues. The Augure Management report showed that 93% of respondents considered their engagement with influencers was an effective strategy to draw attention to their brand. While more than three in four declared that this approach allowed them to generate new business opportunities and gain greater customer loyalty. (Read also Companies Are Embracing Influencer Marketing in 2015)

2 – The CEOs are more involved in relationships with influencers

In 2015, we saw companies and organizations definitively integrating influence in social media marketing into their strategies. The leaders are more involved in developing sustainable and profitable relationships with influencers and have created Ambassadors programs for their staff. The strategies involve all departments. (Read also Social Media Influence Marketing: CEO Involvement)

During the past year, the content marketing has become a priority for businesses and organizations. Corporate blogs (and leaders) have emerged, and organizations have solicited more influencers and ambassadors for the co-creation of content. More than ever, blogs have mastered content marketing strategies. And we’ll probably see a rise in new professional bloggers platforms in 2016. (Read also Social Media Influence Marketing: Why Blogs Matter)

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Considering the new trends observed in recent months, the coming year that is already shaping up as a year of diversification. The emerging platforms and new visual formats will further the complex ecosystem of social networks.

4 – The power of influence in social media is within the reach of all

The emergence of new aggregation platforms and multiplicity of platforms have given rise to new types of influencers. Today, more than ever, anyone can distribute content, and be an influencer in his community. The power of information is within the reach of all. The influence of ever-growing celebrities on YouTube (Pew Die Pie) or Instagram (The Instagirls) demonstrates this. (Read more YouTube Millionaires) (Read also The World’s Highest Paid YouTube Stars in 2015)

In recent years, companies and organizations have engaged heavily in the production and distribution of content. However, faced with a glut of content, users have developed the habit of “content snacking”. This is an instant and rapid consumption of information that requires a new strategy and puts content providers on the hot seat. To meet their growing content needs, companies and organizations will need to foster sustainable relationships with influencers.

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