6 Characteristics of Great B2B Content

6 Characteristics of Great B2B Content

We hear a lot that content is king, but companies that produce the best content seem to rule over the largest kingdoms — and B2B content is no exception.

“Good enough” just won’t cut it when it comes to content marketing, so what can you do to stand out in the digital crowd? I've identified six key characteristics that separate great B2B content from the merely good, pulling evidence from some of our most successful programs to show why great content matters more in 2017 than ever before.

The trick to winning over your target audience is creating content that grabs their attention —  and doesn’t let go. From crafting the perfect headline to keeping your articles concise and to the point, compelling content goes a long way in the competitive world of digital marketing.

Some marketers assume that B2B content can never be quite as exciting as consumer facing content; but The Mosaic Company, a global leader in phosphates and potash crop nutrition, proves otherwise. Its 10-episode fictional audio drama explores intriguing agricultural stories, often highlighting problems that could be solved with its services.

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Regardless of subject matter, people want to be entertained. Some B2B topics may not be inherently fun and exciting — all the more reason to communicate them in a fresh new way.

Moz puts a fun spin on SEO with “Whiteboard Friday,” a weekly video series put together by different members of its team. By assigning fun personalities and perspectives to otherwise dry subject matter, Moz has found a way to entertain its target audience and create a dedicated fan following in the process.

Quizzes, Q&A’s and interactive tools encourage passive viewers to become active participants.  The key to creating successful interactive content is to think about what your target audience will find engaging and useful.

InfusionSoft’s aim is to reach entrepreneurs of all types, so its quizzes, like “What kind of entrepreneur are you?” offer a fun way to interact with potential clients. Promoting user engagement is always a smart move for B2B marketers looking to expand their brand’s reach.

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When business owners browse the web, they’re often looking for a specific answer or solution.

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