How to Curate Content for Your Social Media Pages to Boost Engagement and Save Time

How to Curate Content for Your Social Media Pages to Boost Engagement and Save Time

Social media marketers today almost unanimously agree on the significance of content curation. Brands and businesses have realized that continuously creating original content is challenging, in terms of both, the creative capacity it demands and the time it requires. Content curation, on the other hand, comes with several advantages, including its ability to help you establish thought leadership within a niche.

However, curating content for social sharing is only the means to an end – that is engagement. Irrespective of the amount of content you curate and share, your business will reap little benefit from all the effort unless your audience likes, re-shares or comments on your posts. And if you’ve been managing a few social media pages you probably know that engagement can sometimes be as elusive as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Understanding your audience is of paramount importance in social media marketing, as it is in any other marketing tactic. The New York Times Customer Insight Group conducted a study to understand why people share content online. The three-phase study identified five key motivating factors for sharing:

– To entertain, or share valuable information – To define their personality – To establish relationships – To feel involved in the world around them (self-fulfilment) – To spread awareness about brands/causes

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Your audience will engage with you only if your content adds some value to them. Also, remember that your audience is more likely to share your content if it also adds value to those who they share it with. When curating content think from the readers’ point of view – what does the content do for them? By increasing engagement, you will not only increase traffic to your website but will also eventually attract more followers to your page.

Running manual searches for interesting content on a regular basis is an extremely time-consuming process. Content discovery tools help you save both time and effort in gathering relevant content for your social media pages. Here are three such tools you should try:

DrumUpis a smart content curation and social media management tool that used sophisticated Natural Language Processing and machine learning algorithms to discover fresh and relevant content for your social media pages. The tool also lets you edit posts for recommended content and schedule them for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can even add custom posts along with images to the queue of scheduled posts. It also lets you connect your blog feed to your social accounts and store interesting posts to a custom content library.

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Feedlyis a powerful RSS reader that lets you follow specific sources, including your favorite web publications and blogs. While it doesn’t really help you manage social media accounts, you can still share stories through the tool on Facebook, Twitter, LikedIn, and Google+. Recently, Feedly also announced a new feature, which integrates the tool with Google Now to give you access to your preferred content sources at a place and time that is convenient to you.

Flipboard is an intelligent content aggregation tool that brings you content from a wide variety of sources, including what others share on social media. The tool is particularly popular for its pleasant GUI. Flipboard presents content in a magazine-format, making it extremely easy for you to browse through the recommendations. The recommendations are offered for all content formats including videos and podcasts.

Newsletters and RSS feeds are a great source of trending content. Both forms of subscription will deliver content right to your inbox, saving you the hassle of having to rely on a search engine. Some tools also let you connect your favorite RSS feeds to directly to your Twitter account. While doing so will save you the trouble of having tweet out those blogs individually, it leaves no scope to make any changes within the Tweet itself.

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