The 3 Pillars of Successful Influencer Outreach

The 3 Pillars of Successful Influencer Outreach

For smaller businesses, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to ‘get your message heard’ in a saturated virtual market. It’s an experience comprising of frustration and many sleepless nights for entrepreneurs and their devoted teams alike…

In a world where we are fixated by everything ‘online’, Digital Marketing is ubiquitous and nothing less than essential. But it’s evolving, and will continue to evolve at incredible rates. Putting it simply; this is because everybody is trying to do the same thing in different ways:

So, how do you stand out in a saturated crowd? How do you get people interested in your product, service and brand above all the noise?

Using a little common sense, etiquette and psychological technique, it is possible to gain the assistance (and audience) of authority figures within your industry to widen your breadth of communication. There are plenty of influencer sourcing tools out there to help you find these guys.

The initial step to forging relationships is what’s widely become known as ‘outreach’ in the online world.

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Follow my rock solid, over-arching pillars of identity to achieve outreach success in a 3 step approach:

It is this magnetic pull which can be used advantageously to convince those of interest to promote your stuff. This character has to be perfectly crafted before any outreach begins – who are you, what do you stand for – and why should they care? Your brand (personal + company) should be something people want to be associated with. Work on building your brand story before conducting any outreach.

A great example of a brand story is Oreo…some might say they are just a cookie company. Yet they are well known across the globe. It isn’t by chance that this has happened. It is solid brand building, and they’ve done a freakin’ awesome job at it.

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Lasersharp Audience

- Compile Niche lists - Participate in Special Interest Groups The step up to build an engaged audience

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We initiate the conversation, and get the dialog going. Build the interest for your market segment, expertise, product.


- Increase visibility by communicating with your target market. - Start the interaction allows you to close the loop The step up to grow your business

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We help you grow and build an audience at scale. As you know the power is in your second degree network, and in the fourth grade you know the whole world.

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