7 Surefire Ways To Fail At Lead Generation Using Content Markting

7 Surefire Ways To Fail At Lead Generation Using Content Markting

The content on your web pages, blog posts, landing pages and downloadable educational resources gives you an opportunity to attract prospects, build trust with them and answer questions critical to their buyer journeys. Without content, your digital marketing assets would be a series of empty web pages.

Content is everything. If you fail to make it a cornerstone of your marketing strategy, yourlead generationeffortswill suffer. Unfortunately, far too many businesses don’t know how to put the right strategy behind their content.

Here are seven surefire ways to fail atcontent marketing. Work hard to avoid these at all costs.

Is your business a name brand? Do you have a multimillion dollar advertising budget and millions of social media followers?

If you said no, then you’re going to have to work hard to get people to find and read your content. This starts, but by no means ends, withsearch engine optimization (SEO).You need to understand the queries your potential customers enter into search engines, and you need to understand the intent behind those queries.

Use keyword research tools such as Hubspot, Moz, SpyFu and Google Search Console to get a sense of the search terms prospects are using. Then determine the real informational wants behind those terms and publish content that answers those questions. The more value prospects get from your content, the higher your pages will rank in organic search results.

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An SEO strategy that drives organic traffic isn’t the only way to attract potential customers to your content, but, in our experience, the posts and pages that generate the most organic visits drive the most leads.

Once you’ve published your search-optimized content, your job isn’t over. You also need to promote your new content through other channels, such as social media and email. You could even consider contacting influencers in your industry who might be willing to share your content.

Remember, your content only has value if people read it.

Most businesses understand they need to publish content. So they add a blog to their site, find the best writer on staff (or maybe just the employee with the most time on their hands) and start posting away.

This is a recipe for a lot of effort with minimal reward. Publishing content without strategy is a lot like throwing spaghetti at a wall and seeing what sticks.

Ideally, you should plan your content a month or even a full quarter in advance.You should know how many blog posts and downloadable content offers you’re going to publish. You should know what questions you’re trying to answer, and what search terms you’re trying to rank for with that content.

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Most importantly, you should know what you want your readers to do next after reading your content. Remember, your readers will only turn into leads if you subtly guide them in that direction.

Your end goal withcontent is to generate revenue, so it’s really tempting to try to sell every prospect who stumbles across your content. Don’t do it.

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes for a moment. You’re struggling with a particular issue at work. You search to see if there’s any useful information that might help you solve your problem. You’re just exploring at this point. You find a blog post with a headline that reads as though it might offer the information you need. You start reading – and within three or four lines, you’re being hit in the face with an aggressive sales pitch.

What do you do next? You hit the back button. Even worse, you’ll probably never trust content from that website again.

Using contentto generate leads requires patience and a genuine desire to help your potential customers.Your content needs to help prospects answer a question or solve a problem. If the only solution you offer is “buy my product,” then you’re failing to establish trust between your prospects and your business.

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You need to have a deep understanding of your prospects, especially when it comes to their goals and pain points.

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