How to Use Social Media Optimization for Higher Visibility

How to Use Social Media Optimization for Higher Visibility

For most marketers, when you hear the word “optimization”, you’re most likely inclined to think of SEO and the technicalities that come with it. However, at its core, the idea behind optimization is really quite simple: It’s making the best of anything.

It’s about taking what you already have and then — through experimenting and measuring — figuring out ways to make it even better.

So in reality, optimization can (and should) be applied to all your marketing efforts, including your social media marketing. To help you make the best of your social media profiles, below are a few easy ways to ensure you’re optimizing your social media channels for optimal results.

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For optimization purposes, it’s best to keep all usernames consistent across all social media channels to help increase brand recognition.

If your brand name isn’t available on a given platform, try to stay as close to it as possible while still being easy to remember and market. For example, using “mentionapp” when “mention” isn’t available.

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Here’s how you can customize your profile’s URL on different platforms:

Social media has the ability to drive tremendous amount of traffic to your website, blog and other social media channels – but only if you promote them!

Because each network has their own unique capabilities, and most only allow one link to be included in your “About” section, Facebook allows for companies to include customized apps that can be used for just about anything!

At emagine, we promote our website URL in our About section and created custom apps to promote our blog, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts.

While mention utilizes it to showcase their open job opportunities:

Complete each and every field in your About section, with detail. Your social media channels may be the first place prospects find and learn about you.

With such a high demand for immediate information, it’s crucial to consider your social networks as a second website for users.

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