How Not to Get Turned Down by Influencers

How Not to Get Turned Down by Influencers

As the face of communication changes to a widely digital spectrum, it’s important for businesses and brands to realize the importance and value of influencers in their marketing plan. What is an influencer? An influencer is an individual who has an impact on a niche market, audience or community. Influencers are not just individuals who can help your plan become a reality – they are an asset to success.

But, why do brands need influencers? Simply – to reach target audiences through genuine connections. Think about grassroots campaigning. It’s effective, because it begins at the most basic level, where the large majority of the population sits, and expands from there. The same goes for digital influencers working hard for a business or brand. Influencers talk and create general buzz within their communities in a genuine and natural way, creating an authentic buzz that is nearly impossible to emulate in any form of traditional advertising or marketing.

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So, how do we avoid getting turned down by influencers? What do we need to know so that these digital power players will want to work with us? Great questions! Let’s start with a key word in there –work.

What influencers can do for your business or brand is work, and where there is a job to be done, there’s also a payment to be made. You would never ask a plumber or a hairdresser to work for free, so don’t expect that of influencers.

The most important aspect of influencer marketing is creating a budget for your influencers that is both fair and competitive. Ask yourself: Would I, myself, do the given task for this amount of money? If the answer is no, then perhaps you should reconsider your budget.

Aside from compensation, you’ll want to make sure that your relationship with the blogger is mutually beneficial. Sure, you’re giving them monetary compensation, and they’re giving you the marketing reach – but does it end there? It shouldn’t! Brands and companies have the ability to give influencers more than money and they should, because it increases the chances of a great end product.

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