5 Types of Content People Love to Share

5 Types of Content People Love to Share

Content marketing is real big right now. If it wasn’t there certainly wouldn’t be bloggers earning thousands every month.

And one of your biggest questions is probably how do they do it.

There are basically three things you need to make money blogging:

The first and the second component however go hand by hand. In order to get search engine traffic and in order to draw people’s attention on the social networks you need namely content.

Content isn’t created equally however. Successful blogging and social media marketing don’t come down to simply writing, publishing and sharing whatever’s on your mind.

And today’s post is all about helping you discover what the best types of content in the social and the blogging world are.

Some of my longest posts are the ones that have received the most shares.

In order for this to work, there basically two requirements:

If you start right off the bat with precise advice and step-by-step instructions on how to do something, you sure are on the right path.

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This post about “16 Effective and Practical Strategies To Get More Retweets” is well over 2500 words and got until today more than 700 social shares (if you need to install on Chrome the Buzzsumo app to check the number of social shares of a web page – including Twitter – here’s the link):

Because it tells people exactly what to do!

One of the ways to get Facebook traffic is by setting up a Facebook fan page. However in order to make your page a success, you need to post more than links to your own articles. 

There are lots of ways to increase the visibility of your fan page, and humor is a sure-fire one. People love it and they’d be especially inclined to click the like button if your topics aren’t all that fun in general.

In order to get the attention of your fans, you have to spice things up a bit every now and then. And one of the biggest mistakes that online businesses and internet marketers make is that they believe everything they post should be strictly official.

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That’s plain wrong. Prove people you are a living person who actually has that thing called emotions!

As of now the image you see on the left is actually the story that has received the most likes and shares on my Facebook fan page:

Why is that so?

First because it makes sense and is something others can relate to and secondly because it is kinda funny.

If you are into affiliate arketing you should know what importance product reviews hold. For those of you who haven’t, the idea is simple.

As a marketer the chances are you’ve tried lots of tools to help you improve results. Although most are probably free, there might just be some premium ones.

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