How to Use Behavioral Data to Create a Seamless Customer Experience

How to Use Behavioral Data to Create a Seamless Customer Experience

Marketing experts today face far more difficult challenges than in the past. It used to be as simple as deciding whether to offer a buy-one-get-one-free, or some other type of incentive. Today’s customers can be reached by any number of retailers, offering hundreds, if not thousands, of different experiences, messages, and opportunities to buy.

In order to cut through the clutter and create engaging, positive customer experiences, marketers need to use every tool in their arsenal. One of those tools is the use of behavioral data. In the past, marketers had to rely on focus groups or surveys that, while they may still have their place, create opportunities for the data to tell an incomplete story. What rarely deceives is actual customer behavior.

Big Data, including the data collected from consumer behavior, provides detailed information with greater accuracy than marketers have ever had before. Analyzing the behavior of target customers can help retailers create dynamic customer experiences across every channel, platform, and device, delivering the high-level personalized experience shoppers demand.

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While creating seamless, customer-centric experiences may seem daunting, building an approach centered on customer behavior, while integrating and executing on cross-channel data, can help marketers do just that.

By creating unified customer profiles, a brand can identify and link valuable consumer data across any channel or device, merging all of the customer’s activities into a single repository. Marketers can begin to build meaningful, personalized relationships with their customers using information that seems very simple. For example, it can be extremely valuable to know that a target customer did not click on an offer in an email or, in some cases, that they didn’t even open the email. That same customer, however, may engage with an SMS message as an alternative method of contact.

The data from consumer web behavior is a critical component in creating the best possible customer experience.

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