How to reverse engineer a content marketing strategy through the customer journey

How to reverse engineer a content marketing strategy through the customer journey

It’s no secret that content marketing is an effective method for reaching and engaging the customer. Through effective storytelling, brands can tap into the emotion of the customer to produce affinity, loyalty, and even advocacy.

However, a content marketing strategy lacking in a clear understanding of the customer’s journey can backfire at worst and produce haphazard results at best.

I don’t mean the literal birth of a human being. A brand should examine the birth of a customer relationship.

A mortgage company can consider the birth of their customer long before the purchase of a home. Life events, such as college graduation, marriage, new job, a job promotion, industry awards received, relocation, among others, can ignite the birth of a mortgage customer by tapping into the emotion of such events with content that makes a human connection between the consumer and the brand, leading to sales conversations.  

A provider of risk management products and services provides complex business services which can require education and detailed explanation. Such a company can consider the birth of their customer during the startup phase of a new business, the investor phase, the high-growth phase, the new product launch phase, the construction of new buildings phase, and the M&A phase. Delivering content to business personas during these events can likewise make a connection between the brand and the potential customer, leading to sales conversations.

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A provider of Lasik surgery delivers an expensive, elective procedure that is generally not covered by health insurance. The customer needs to be educated and convinced that Lasik is both safe and effective. The birth of this customer might be associated with youth sports activities, people over 35 interested in aging well, and perhaps people of affluence who consume luxury goods and services. These are very different demographics and therefore call for content unique to each persona. The emotional triggers for each persona should be considered to create relevant content that builds awareness for the Lasik surgery brand.

Just like clothing is not one-size-fits-all, neither is content. Content marketers should create a strategy that serves the customer in the appropriate stage of the journey.

Cognitive marketing technology empowers a marketer to recognize these stages. A consumer with a life event such as those mentioned above in the mortgage example is likely to be receptive to content that helps shape decisions pertaining to home and apartment living. Delivering content that either makes their life better or saves them money are safe bets.

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