Want to be a Fearless Leader? Follow These 5 Steps

Want to be a Fearless Leader? Follow These 5 Steps

There is a balancing act that comes with the territory of being an entrepreneur, and I've found this especially true as a mom and woman entrepreneur. Running a business and leading a team takes confidence, authority and ambition. Toss in managing a busy household or other family obligations, and your day is busy wearing multiple hats and catering to different needs.

Whether challenging an idea or negotiating a contract, the last thing you want to worry about is whether you're being perceived as too bossy or aggressive.

The following tips apply to all professionals who want to stop worrying and start leading, but in my personal experience as a woman in the business world, they are particularly useful.

To be a fearless leader, you need to embrace the role. The first step to embracing your inner boss is to believe in yourself.

Some people believe that leaders are born, while others believe they are made. Whether you were born with a special talent for leading or you've acquired the skills along the way, don't let anyone make you doubt your role. Both men and women can sometimes perceive leaders negatively, and this is not a reflection on your true character.

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Fight the notion that you are being too "bossy" when you assert yourself. Being confident and embracing your inner boss is what will allow you to make better decisions that benefit your entire team.

As a business owner, you're presented with more invitations, requests for meetings, and invitations than you can accept. Giving yourself permission to unapologetically say no to the opportunities you don't want to take can be challenging. You might not want to hurt someone's feelings or don't want to come across as ungrateful.

When you're feeling tempted to say yes when you really want to say no, pause and consider the impact. Overcommitting to things that distract you from what you care about most can drain your energy and leave you feeling resentful.

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