How influencer marketing helps break through the clutter

How influencer marketing helps break through the clutter

Influencer marketing is not new. But, it is substantially better with today’s social media world.

Pre-social media, I launched a confectionary product, where we sent samples (in the mail) to every captain of the high school football team, every head-cheerleader and every student body President. It worked like a charm. Within the first month of our launch, we were the #1 brand in the mint category. No competitors saw it coming. I am not even sure we did.

I have to tell you that as a former VP marketing, I used to reject any brief or plan that said “drive awareness”.  It was my pet peeve. I only earn my salary if the brand makes money. Last I checked, we don’t make any money from awareness. So I used to ask one simple question: “So if we get awareness, what do we get next?”. I would get various answers but I would try to steer them towards:  “Well, I hope it tempts the consumer to want to try our brand”. I’d then hand back the brief and say “Put that as the objective then”.

Awareness is a crappy objective. Awareness has no movement. I can buy awareness. As a marketer, my marketing must have some type of action–to get consumers to think, feel or do–differently than before they saw our marketing. I want marketing that has movement and that creates a bond, whether an immediate one or over time.

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Sure, influencer marketing does drive awareness, but when done right, it drives awareness with an action. The best influencer marketing has a finger wagging at the consumer–telling them what to think, feel or do–without the consumer really even knowing. The world is cluttered. There is more marketing crap out there than ever. Doing a TV ad or digital ads just adds more clutter to the crap we sift through on a daily basis. Aligning to an influencer who the consumer is willing to listen to helps break through and accelerate our brand’s potential for success

Brands are now all about relationships

No longer should a brand think about their consumers in a strictly functional or logical way. The best brands of today capture the imagination of their consumers and take them on a journey of delightful experiences that fosters a deeper emotional and lasting relationship. These brands treat their most cherished consumers with a respect that establishes a trust, that enables consumers to open up to a point where thinking is replaced with feelings, the logic of demand evolves into an emotional state of desire, needs become cravings and repeat purchases progress into rituals that turns into a favorite moment in the day. Consumers become outspoken and loyal brand fans.

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The pathway to brand success is now all about building relationships

The best brands of today engage in a strategy that follows a very similar path to the rituals of a courtship. Through the eyes of consumers, brands start as complete strangers and if successful, they move into something similar to a trusted friendship. As the consumer begins to open up, they allow their emotions to take over and without knowing, they begin to love the brand. As the brand weaves itself into the best moments of the consumer’s life, the consumer becomes an outspoken fan, an advocate and one of the many ‘brand lovers’ who cherish the brand. From the strategic mind of the marketer, this follows a very similar pattern to the strategies of a successful courtship. The brand could move into a position where the consumer sees it as a forever choice.

To replicate how brand building matches up with the building of a relationship, I have created the Brand Love Curve, as consumers move through five stages including unknown, indifferent, like it, love it and onto the beloved brand status. This Brand Love Curve is an anchor used throughout the book to help guide the choices a brand should make to move the relationship along to the next stage.

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