Why Twitter is the best social media channel for audience growth

Why Twitter is the best social media channel for audience growth

If you’re looking for audience growth on social media, Twitter is one of *the*, best social media channels for marketers.
Despite Twitter rebranding themselves as a news outlet, the platform is still a very powerful and popular social media channel.
Due to the power of Twitter’s in-platform search engine, the platform makes it very easy to connect with others across the same industry and/or interest categories.
Through using hashtags and keywords in your bio, you make it easier to become found through Twitter search.
In fact, Twitter’s search engine is so powerful that (unlike Instagram’s) you don’t even have to use hashtags to discover the people you are looking for. 
Twitter’s search function processes 2.1 billion search queries a day; so, it’s safe to say that people are constantly looking for others (hashtags, individuals, lists, etc) to connect to on the platform.

The recent decision by Twitter to rebrand themselves as a news outlet makes sense, as Twitter is often the first channel that news outlets go to publish breaking news; it’s also the first channel that individuals go to find breaking news.

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I recently watched Neal Schaffer ‘s Social Media Marketing World session on Twitter.
During the session, he shared five best practices that, regardless of your industry, can be used to grow your audience and engagement on Twitter: 
Think like a radio station: Your content shouldn’t be 100% promotional. Use Twitter to deliver value to your audience by curating and sharing high-quality content from influencers and other reputable sources in your industry. For every 10 tweets you send, Neal recommends that 9 be “other people’s value” and 1 be a promotional link sending people to your website. By spacing out your promotional content, you make it more likely that your Twitter followers will know, like and trust you. Before posting content, think about your audience and what they would like and share.

Own your hashtag: You want to make a hashtag for your brand or business that can be used throughout your various promotions and campaigns. By using your content repeatedly, you’ll gain more awareness about it.

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