How to drive more blog traffic with User Generated Content

How to drive more blog traffic with User Generated Content

As a small business, you have all the standard business assets. You have your blog, your social media followers, the money in the bank; but you also have your existing customers, and the content those customers are (and will) happily create for you.And if you aren’t incorporating this user generated content into your content strategy, you’re missing out.

User generated content (or UGC) is exactly what it sounds like: content that was created by users, rather than by the business owner. Some examples of UGC are:

The most popular way to use user-generated-content is inproduct descriptions. Incorporating comments, reviews, or photos from actual customers can help visitors make a decision about whether the product is for them. Along withstrong product copy, UGC — especially photos and videos of the item in use — are two must-haves for a great product page.

Part of the reason that UGC is so useful on product pages is that it’shigh relevance content. Knowing that your product comes with three widgets is great, but seeing how it looks in action and how other customers are using it is much more relevant. It’s also much more likely to make them buy—and buy often!  

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In short, user generated content is great for increasing conversions — but you can also use it to get better results from your content strategy.

You can embed tweets or posts from customers in your blog posts to:

This will make your blog posts stronger overall, but it also gives you a chance to boost your social traffic. Whenever you share the post, for example, you can tag the customers using a format like “New post at the blog: X ways to style your mini dresses, featuring [username] + more!” When your customers get the notification that they’ve been featured in a blog post, they’re likely to re-share it.

You can do this with pretty much any of the tips on this list. It’s a tried and true way to get more traffic to your posts

Stuck for blog post ideas? Have your customers send in questions for you to answer, whether it’s about your business, your products, your story, or something else. If you specifically open the topics up to more than your product, you’ll get some interesting questions.

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The benefit of this is that, in addition to getting blog post prompts, you’re also getting an SEO boost; questions tend to be great for long-tail SEO.

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