Turning Passive Audiences into Brand Evangelists

Turning Passive Audiences into Brand Evangelists

So you’ve garnered the social media following and you’ve received a decent number of likes.

Now it’s time to turn both into what you really want: An army of brand evangelists.

Because you have nothing if you don’t have brand ambassadors.

Brand evangelists (not to be confused with celebrity endorsers) are everyday customers who promote your product and message, both online and off.

They are your super fans.

They keep your name alive in conversations, share your posts on Facebook, and value your product enough to tell their families.

You need these people on your team because consumers value recommendations from friends and family more so than a celebrity—or worse—an advertisement.

Did you know 92 percent of people trust word-of-mouth recommendations above traditional forms of advertising?

Good news, brand evangelists cost much less than your latest ad campaign.

When you’re ready to convert your passive audience into walking endorsements, consider these four tips for success.

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Arguably the most crucial aspect of converting an audience from passive to active is maintaining and creating value for the customer.

Your product or service must hold some meaning for others.

If it doesn’t, chances are they won’t want to advocate for it.

Get to know your customers’ interests and concerns, and think of all interaction as a relationship rather than a one-sided marketing push.

Going above and beyond in your craft doesn’t hurt, either.

Let’s face it: People wouldn’t keep buying iPhones or MacBooks if Apple products were subpar.

Apple evangelists are loud and proud because, yeah, their products rock.

Apple is an industry (and cultural) leader that continually addresses product issues, makes improvements and, for better or for worse, gives us tech-FOMO.

Brand advocacy isn’t an item on a checklist, rather a point to continually assess.

Your marketing success is contingent on providing value for others, so make sure you lead this charge.

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It all comes back to you.

Your employees are your first line of brand evangelists.

If your employees are excited about your brand, and genuinely want to share your brand’s story with others, your audience will follow.

Plus, employees are the first point of contact with customers.

If they are unhappy, any interaction with customers (particularly dissatisfied customers) is more likely to be negative.

On the contrary, if employees are happy, they can help fix a negative customer experience.

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