5 Stats On Influencer Marketing in 2017

5 Stats On Influencer Marketing in 2017

Influencer marketing grew in 2016, and all signs point to it growing even bigger this year. These 5 numbers prove that influencer marketing will only grow in 2017.

Ad block extensions have hurt the advertising industry – to the point that, in 2015, ad blocks were blamed for almost $22 billion in lost global revenue.

Ad block usage has steadily grown over the last few years. eMarketer estimates that more than a quarter of Americans will use ad blockers in 2017 – and that percentage only increases the younger the consumers, with 41% of American millennials estimated to use ad blocks this year. As consumers continue to be inundated with ads, downloads of ad blocks will only grow. Whether they scroll past digital ads or actually download an extension to block them out, consumers will continue to do what they can to ignore ads, and advertisers will have to adjust. With influencer marketing, there’s no need to worry about ad blocks.

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The younger the consumers, the harder they are to target with digital ads. For example, take YouTube ads. These days, it’s almost impossible to watch a YouTube video without having to sit through an ad. At first thought, it might make sense for your brand to take advantage of these ads, since YouTube is massively popular among the teenagers who comprise Gen Z. But then consider that 69% of consumers belonging to Gen Z prefer to skip ads, which is an option for most YouTube ads.

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