Are You In Sync With Your Social Media?

Are You In Sync With Your Social Media?

Can we really establish meaningful relationships via social media? Does social media really connect people and help them build long-term, genuine relationships?

I would say yes, without a doubt.

Recently, I visited the Netherlands to collaborate on my book “Is your marketing in sync or sinking?” with a friend that I met on social media, who actually ended up hosting me at his house for 10 days.

I met Christian Fictoor, the Chief Innovation Officer of L’Amp via Twitter, made mutual friends with him via Facebook, and spoke with him using Google Hangouts before we actually met in person 10 months down the line.

I was no more an Indian, he was no more Dutch – we were just two friends that shared a common vision and ended up establishing the brand “marketingsync” despite 7700 kms between us.

We need to really acknowledge the fact that we have left the world of B2B or B2C. We are in the age of H2H, i.e. Human to Human.

This age is all about enjoying similarities and respecting differences.

The connection happened because we didn’t impose ourselves, our thoughts, or our views on each other; instead, we shared and we listened to each other with an open mind.

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We understood that synchronicity wasn’t a destination but a journey.

Now, think about  what we do on social media.

We try to establish our brand by sharing content or thoughts based on how we want people to perceive us.

But have you wondered what how many users actually see your Tweets or Facebook posts?

The data from an Ogilvy report shows it can be as low as 2 percent.

This small number means you need to make sure you have connected with the right people—people who can relate to what you are saying.

In other words, social media isn’t just a broadcasting platform.

To make sense to the people in your social connection, you need to sharpen your social listening abilities and attain precision in your communication.

We all live in a world of social media, where we cannot watch a movie or board a plane without checking in on Facebook and adding a few hashtags on twitter.

As hashtags have gained momentum in the social arena, it is all the more important to be able to decipher meaningful information by tracking them.

One must consciously realize that social listening is way beyond tracking @mentions and comments that come in to our social profiles, mobile apps, or blogs.

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By watching only those notifications, you might miss out on a huge group of people that are talking about experiences with you, your brand, or your product or service.

Social listening is the process of tracking every conversation around specific keywords, brand names, and phrases that are associated with your interest/product or service, as well as engaging with the audience that discusses those topics in order to discover opportunities or create relevant content for them.

To describe this further, listening is not just monitoring social mentions; it is about keeping an eye for patterns, tracking sentiments, and then analyzing and reflecting upon this information.

Understanding social sentiments is an important part of social listening, and it includes looking at:

Listening to the market in this way will help you understand whether people are satisfied or not, and it provides an opportunity to get involved with the conversation.

“It is extremely important to know when to get into a conversation”

Most of our social efforts revolve around content and its SEO effects, but what’s more important is trying to get your message heard.

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To get into social sync, here are the top three points that we discussed recently at our marketingsync workshop in Enschede, Netherlands.

Sometimes, even after few years down the lane in our organization, we tend to realize that we’ve been talking to an audience that doesn’t resonate with our content.

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