Designing Pinterest Posts That Encourage Clicks

Designing Pinterest Posts That Encourage Clicks

Pinterest provides online marketers many opportunities to engage potential customers, including encouraging clicks to products or content. While the act of creating pins is an art, there are practices that may generate more clicks.

In fact, in a resource meant to help marketing campaigns perform better on the site, Pinterest has outlined several of these practices that should increase the relative number of clicks that pins earn. These practices focus on the images you choose for your pins and the text that describes those images.

Pinterest is one of the most visual of social media applications. A Pinterest user might never read a pin’s description (although you should include one), but she will look at its picture.

Pinterest recommends using pictures that show several products. Aim for a balance between showing enough products to make someone curious and showing so many products that you have a mess.

Many retailers and consumer brands use this technique for some of their posts. The screenshot below shows pins from sportswear brand Lululemon. In both cases, the pins use a selection of products to peak interest and encourage a click.

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It’s possible to get a similar effect using lifestyle photography, showing the products in use. Keen, another consumer brand with a strong Pinterest following, sometimes pins pictures of outdoor vistas that include a person’s legs and a pair of Keen shoes.

In addition to an image’s aesthetic qualities, consider some technical specifications to encourage clicks from Pinterest.

First, use relatively high-resolution pictures. At a minimum, your pictures should be at least 600 pixels wide.

Next, Pinterest recommends a 2:3 aspect ratio. Thus, the ideal image would be 600 pixels wide and 900 pixels high.

At this size, an image should display well on a mobile device and not cut off the “visit” link. While you could certainly have taller images, if the goal is to encourage clicks to your website, ensuring that the visit link shows is important.

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