How Business Stars Stand Out Through Personal Branding

How Business Stars Stand Out Through Personal Branding

Awards season is well and truly here with The Golden Globes, the BAFTA’s and most recently the Grammy Awards, all leading up to what is undoubtedly the night of nights. The Academy Awards. Winning a major award not only skyrockets a performer’s earning potential but boosts their brand exponentially. These leading entertainers have spent years honing their skills and developing a strong personal brand persona.

Entertainment celebrities and sports identities know the power of a strong personal brand to help build their fame and their fortune, as do a number of leaders of companies in Australia who have recognised the power of personal branding in building a strong business.

Let’s look at a few examples of those who have established a memorable face behind the business. These people are inextricably linked with their companies and are very clear about the image they project. They have also worked hard honing their business skills and building a stand out personal brand.

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Naomi Simson is an entrepreneur, speaker and author and the founder of the company, Red Balloon. She has been quoted as saying that it wasbelief in her idea that brought her success. Blogging grew her profile and gained the notice of LinkedIn and she is now a top influencer on that platform. Her personal brand gained greater exposure as a result of being selected to appear on the television show Shark Tank. Visually her brand is enhanced through her clothing choices of wearing red, to match her brand and theuse of well-designed branding collateral.

Michelle Bridges is known as Australia’s most influential fitness expert. It didn’t happen overnight though.  A career in the fitness industry from a very young age honed her skills and gained her credentials. From there persistence paid off with growing her brand though publicity and gaining a place on the television show, The Biggest Loser. That’s when the brand exploded with more hard work of writing numerous books and launching the 12 WBT online training program. Michelle has stayed true to her core personal brand vision of motivating Australians to be healthier and fitter.

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Lisa Messenger is an entrepreneur and author.

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