How to Close More B2B Deals with Case Studies

How to Close More B2B Deals with Case Studies

Let me guess: you've had at least one of these complaints before, right? For some content strategists, the solution to all these problems is simply "more content marketing." But here's the thing: content marketing is a pretty far-reaching term that encompasses an entire type of marketing strategy and many different content styles. From white papers to e-newsletters, deciding on the type of content to produce and market depends on your B2B sales cycle needs. White papers are great for initial lead generation, but not always great for closing the deal. The same goes for e-newsletters: they're great for keeping leads engaged and staying top of mind during the evaluation phase, but not the right content for assuaging buyer concerns and closing more deals. If you don't get your content to the right person at the right time, you could be making a major B2B lead generation mistake.

The final stage of the sales cycle often takes the longest, increasing pressure on organizations to boost brand awareness and nurture leads through the buying process. The good news: your lead has narrowed down possible service providers and you're in the final cut. The bad news: driving internal decision-making consensus can feel like a downright impossible task. Everyone has an opinion and needs to weigh in on the deal, but no one wants to be responsible for pulling the trigger and committing to a major expenditure.

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At every stage of the sales cycle, content marketing can make or break your business's chances for closing the deal. Nowhere is this truer than the final decision-making phase. Your solution: case studies.

Interactive case studies are an opportunity to address the roadblocks to your sale - cost, experience, quality, etc. - by using your clients' words to tell the story for you. Since you've been engaging your lead throughout the sales process, you should already have a clear idea of their major concerns and how these concerns could be slowing down the selection process.

For example, maybe your lead is especially cost sensitive and your business is not the cheapest solution provider.

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