How to Drive Twitter Traffic to Your Website

How to Drive Twitter Traffic to Your Website

Twitter is an awesome place to follow the latest trends, network with influencers and even tweet the odd celebrity (@jk_rowling for me).

If you’re a marketer though, it has a more serious purpose because it’s a valuable tool for driving traffic to your blog, website or landing page. In this article, I’m going to share 5 tips for driving Twitter traffic to your website and ask a few of my favorite influencers for their input along the way too!

All your hours of researching and writing great content are wasted if nobody reads it. Unless you are a huge brand, people will not routinely check your blog without a prompt. When people click a link in your tweets, tons of magical marketing reactions can occur. Your SEO will improve, you will get more traffic, more article shares, more leads and hopefully more conversions.

Data shows that the average Twitter CTR is 1.64%. However, the good news is that improving the clickthrough rate (CTR) of your tweets doesn’t rely on having a high follower count. In fact, those with 50-1000 followers average a CTR of 6.16% while those with10k+ followers get just 0.45%. Below, you can see a comparison table showing CTRs for Facebook and Twitter ads which also reflect the low statistics above.

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Writing headlines, correction… writing great headlines is one of the cornerstones of successful blog writing and this doesn’t change on Twitter.  Now, more than ever, users are relying on headlines to tell the story. Felix Salmon , senior editor at Fusion says: “Getting news from headlines is entirely legitimate, and journalists can no longer hide behind the age-old “I didn’t write the headline” excuse.  Advertising wizard David Ogilvy says “Unless your headline sells your product, you have wasted 90 percent of your money.”

Star influencer Amanda Webb from @Spiderworking advises that it’s a great idea to thank people who share your work. She also points out that you should be making sharing super easy for your blog readers and Twitter followers.

We all know that using great images inspire positive reactions on social media. Using amazing images in a tweet can improve your CTR by as much as 18%. In my own experience, tweets that contain images which match your landing page or blog article are the most successful. That may be because there is a sense of continuity for the reader and a confirmation that they are in the right place. Either way, the bounce rate is usually lower.

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Don’t be lazy… just because you posted an image on Facebook doesn’t mean you don’t need to make a new one especially for Twitter.

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