How to Generate 75% More Social Media Traffic When You’re Not Popular

How to Generate 75% More Social Media Traffic When You’re Not Popular

There are more social media platforms than ever before, but not nearly enough marketers are taking advantage of most of them.

Let me ask you a question.

When you see the words “social media platform,” what name comes to your mind? I’m willing to bet it’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Maybe for you, it’s Pinterest, Snapchat, or even YouTube.

I realized something, however. There have to be other social media platforms that can provide traffic, warm leads, and more revenue.

I mean, this is the social media age!There are more than just a handful of platforms that marketers should be using to drive traffic, right?

Okay, I know that Facebook is huge. Nothing is going to come close to toppling Facebook.

But aren’t there some other places we can go to find warm leads, lots of traffics, and an engaged audience.

The answer is heck, yes.

I looked around, and I found several social media networks that were absolutely packed with users. No, they weren’t as big as Facebook or Instagram, but they were big.

Don’t overlook these small yet potent social networks. You can tap into brand new audiences by leveraging the power of these existing sites.

In fact, focusing on these lesser-known networks can provide up to 75% of your referral traffic.

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It took me a while to appreciate just how well these smaller sites can drive traffic. By ignoring these smaller sites, I was neglecting an entire world of powerful options.

These sites may not be as powerful as Facebook on their own, but when you use them strategically, magic happens.

Here are the 6 social platforms that you can leverage for massive amounts of referral traffic.

Medium is one of the more well-known sites on this list, but maybe you haven’t thought of it as a source of referral traffic before.

Maybe you didn’t even think it was that big of a deal. Actually, Medium is growing at an insane rate! In December 2016, Medium reported that they reached 60 million unique visitors a month!

The site has grown constantly since its 2012 inception, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

There’s all kinds of content on Medium—political rants, personal stories, and of course, normal blog style articles.”

That’s us, marketers! We are people who have something to say! We add value to people’s lives through the content that we produce. And the platform of Medium is the perfectway to do it.

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The way Medium curates content allows new voices to be heard. In other words, you don’t need to be a celebrity or influencer to make it to the front page.

Medium is divided into several categories called publications. These are curated collections of related posts in different niches.

Writers can submit articles to publications for consideration. If a publication likes your article, they’ll promote it to their audience. And that audience can be colossal!

Articles themselves are simple and minimalist. There aren’t any distracting ads or CTAs, so it’s a great way to simply provide value with your content.

Readers can recommend your article, which means they’ll share it with their followers. Because Medium uses a recommendation system, there’s always the possibility of virality.

Grow and Convert cofounder Benji Hyam got more than 10k views in 4 days on his first Medium post, and his success can be replicated.

Hey, I wouldn’t mind an extra 10k viewers in just a few days!

So how do you use Medium to drive traffic?

(Pro tip: If you use Twitter or Facebook to sign up, Medium will import all of your friends and followers who are already on Medium, giving you an audience right from the start.)

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1. Come up with a Medium-primed idea.

Medium’s readers react best to controversial, eyebrow-raising ideas. When a Yelp employee posted an open letter to CEO Jeremy Stoppelman, the article spread like wildfire.

Medium articles aren’t your run-of-the-mill posts. They make a bold statement, and that’s what you should aim for.

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