How to Use Instagram Live to Generate Leads

How to Use Instagram Live to Generate Leads

Interested in using more live video for your business?

Wondering how Instagram Live can generate leads?

Using Instagram Live stories as a lead generation tool will help you stay one step ahead of your competitors.
In this article, you’ll discover three ways to use Instagram Live video to generate leads for your business.

Why Use Instagram Live Video for Lead Generation?
When you broadcast live video on Instagram , it appears in your Instagram story and viewers can watch and interact with you in real time. The catch? While other platforms allow you to share a live video afterward, an Instagram live video appears only while it’s being broadcast.
Because people need to watch your live video now if they want to see it, Instagram live video has a sense of urgency. Live videos can get special attention because of this. Your followers will receive a notification that you’ve started a live video, and they can see you’re live in the Stories section.

Users are notified when someone they’re following goes live; you can also see who’s live in the Stories section.
Instagram also features live videos from public profiles in the Explore section, which can boost your visibility beyond your followers without you having to pay for it.

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If there are enough live videos happening at once, Instagram will have a section of “top live videos” that users can choose from in the Explore section.
Here are some ways to use Instagram Live video to generate viable leads for your business.

#1: Capture Warm Leads by Teasing New Products
Because Instagram Live video isn’t permanent, you don’t go live to give information you want users to refer to later. ( Facebook Live , which can be saved, is a better platform for that purpose.) Teasing new products, information, or big announcements, however, is another story.
For example, an artist under the profile whenwewake used Instagram live video to give a sneak peek at his new paintings.
Artist profile whenwewake used Instagram live to give a sneak peek at some of his new paintings.

The urgency of Instagram Live video makes these teasers more exciting and engaging, because users don’t know when the video will end, and they know they have to watch now for all of the information. The sneak peek also makes viewers want to know more.
After the teaser, ask viewers to sign up for more information on your website or pre-order the product. This approach gives your live video an element of exclusivity, which can encourage people to act immediately, increasing the number of leads you get.
A sneak peek in an Instagram live video automatically makes people want to know more.

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#2: Expand Lead Collection by Promoting a Social Contest
Social contests are a fantastic lead generation tool, especially when you use contest software to help capture lead information. When you have a contest, use Instagram live video to promote your contest and drive engagement.
Contests, like the one below from cutest_kiddies , are often promoted in Instagram stories. But Instagram live video can increase results thanks to its natural sense of urgency and extra visibility.

With Instagram live video, you can promote social contests in a number of ways:
Preview prizes before and during the contest to generate excitement and boost entries.
Showcase entries after the contest is over. To share entries, you might read comments out loud or take a video of the photo entries on another screen.
Simply talk about the contest and remind people it’s happening.

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