Why Recognition Is A Leaders Number One Tool For Boosting Results

Why Recognition Is A Leaders Number One Tool For Boosting Results

I was working with a new coaching client, and we were discussing how she could look to move her leadership to the next level to get more out of her team and get them to be inspired.

I suggested that she should look to use recognitionmore. To thank her team for the work they did, tell them a good job. Even doing this for small tasks as positive recognition will get them feeling good about themselves and looking to see what else they could do in order to keep getting more recognition.

My client said she had started to do that with one of the team, someone who was really undervalued and underestimated, but who was really a great worker; it was just that his communication skills were not so great.

She said that she had started to give him positive feedback as well as look to support him by helping with training on his communication skills. She said that the impact of the recognition and the support had made his team member really grateful and that now he was looking for ways to improve even further.

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I told my client that this was the power of recognition and that she was now becoming a better leader, a good leader, and that what we needed to do was to see what to move her from good to great.

My client immediately smiled, and she asked, "So you think I am a good leader?". I said, "Yes absolutely, you have already inspired one member of your team through you actions and support, and inspiring people is what good leaders do."

She smiled, and I could see she was very content with this news.

Then she pronounced, 'I never thought I could be a good leader, but now that I see its possible, I will set my target to be a great leader, this is my new vision, why not.'

A small piece of positive feedback changed her opinion of himself and what she thought was capable of.

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