Why Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Rely Heavily On Marketing Leverage Not Cash!

Why Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Rely Heavily On Marketing Leverage Not Cash!

Did you happen to read, the recent post, (and watch) the really cool “how to” video, by one of my expertcoaches Gail Gardner,(ofgrowmap.com fame) explaining, why and how, you and I, definitely need to be registered members of trello.com.

Anyway, Gail’s excellent video, (which) originally appeared on her youtube channel BTW, takes you through, how and why, savvy entrepreneurs (such as yourself) definitely need to be active (registered) members of trello.com.

I in turn featured Gail’s video on one of my recent blog post, where she took you through the process, step by step.

And who’s to say, the countless other, of Gail’s customers, clients and social media followers, who have done the same! And also, because I’m one of Gail’s students, and paid consulting customers.

I also added her video to my autoresponder (follow up) sequence, in order to help my VIP subscriber base as well!The main point being, look at all the potential long term, free viral marketing leverage, she’s continuously receiving, just by making one extremely helpful, “how to” video!

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Ladies & gentlemen, (for just a second), stop and consider, what’s not only possibly, but more likely to happen, regarding the following example I just shared.

Gail Gardner of growmap.com fame, (myexpert) Internet/ social media marketing coach, (as of this writing) currently has a mere 93.8K (thousand) twitter followers!

And that number constantly grows day by day!And she’s got her very own, highly responsive, opt in email list of subscribers too! And as I mentioned previously, I not only featured her excellent video in this blog post,but in a previous blog post as well!

But I also syndicate by blog post as well! (Follow) the bouncing ball here entrepreneur! I use buffer’s free tool, and I also have the paid version of onlywire.

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