10 Tips To Improve Personal Branding Through Social Media

10 Tips To Improve Personal Branding Through Social Media

Looking to build your personal brand? Looking to get recognized as an expert or celebrity in your field? Social media is the best source in order to achieve that. Here are a few tips that will help you with personal branding & stand out among others.


1. Choose platforms wisely

There are endless social platforms available and you’re free to choose as many as you want. However, to choose the right platforms you need to define your target audience first & find out on what platforms you’ll find them. Start with those platforms first in order to get noticed by the right people.


2. Make sure you have the same communication on all the platforms

 Like any big brand, you should put across same communication on all social media platforms. It will help people recognize you easily. Use same image, bio, background image and handles on all the platforms. For example, my handle is @MeetPushpendra on all social platforms due to which people find me easily on various platforms. You can find good handles on tools like www.knowem.com.  If your desired name is not available, then use simple variations and zero down on one name. Once you do that, reserve it on all the important platforms.

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3. Be regular

Just like any other field, the rules are no different here. You should be regular about posting on all the platforms to get good results. Post or share something daily on all the platforms so that you get noticed by people on daily basis & remember you.


4. Clear your position

Don't present yourself as a jack of all trades. Present yourself as an expert in a few fields. It may vary from 1 to 3 and write your introduction and your tagline accordingly. This will help you to differentiate from others & your audience will take you a lot more seriously.  Humans can only remember a thing or two about any brand, but not a paragraph. Always keep this in mind.


5. Help others

Always show your human side to people by helping others on social platforms. Gestures like these will increase your trust in your tribe. People will acknowledge you publicly & eventually build your brand for you.

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