11 Social Media Tactics That You Should Test Today

11 Social Media Tactics That You Should Test Today

There are hundreds of social media tactics to choose from.

The thing is, if you've been marketing for a while, you've probably tried most of them already.

The list can go on and on.

Now don't get me wrong, all work to a degree. But if they're that well-known, how are they going to help you stand out?

The good news is that there's still quite a few overlooked, but effective tactics you can add to your strategy.

Below I share 11 of my favorite social media marketing tactics that you should test today.

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Did you know that 67% of consumers use social media for customer service? It gets even better: 66% stopped doing business with a company because they weren’t happy with their social customer service.

And it's easy to see why. Just imagine: you want to buy a particular pair of shoes, but don’t know how much they cost. You visit that shop’s Facebook page and send a message (or write a comment), asking about the price. Now let's look at the two possibilities: 1. You get a message with the info you’ve been looking for. Great! If you're happy with the price, you'll probably go ahead and purchase those shoes. In fact, you may even buy the shoes if the price is high - all because you'll feel good about the company. Now let's consider the opposite situation: 2. You never hear back from the company. Will you still buy those shoes? Probably not! Nobody likes to feel ignored and not valued by a brand. That is why, quite often, customer service on social can make or break your business. And companies like Xbox are finally realizing that social media platforms are the ultimate tool for providing customer service. 

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But there’s one particular element on the page we always notice first: the cover photo.

That's a lot of visual real-estate and you should tap into it. In fact, many organizations use cover photos to promote events, discounts, webinars, etc. Look at cover photo for Backlinko: Their cover photo explains exactly what they do. Unfortunately, many businesses are still missing out on a big opportunity. They don't use their covers to promote regular content, such as blog posts, infographics and videos. So, consider changing your cover photo for each of your posts or events. It's not that hard, especially with the help of all the free online tools available to marketers.

Social media platforms offer a great opportunity for organizations to engage their employees in a social media marketing campaign. Yet, so few businesses are tapping into the huge potential that comes with employee advocacy. Just imagine what will happen if all of your employees take part in a promotional campaign and share your content with their 100+ friends. That's a lot more eyes on your content and a huge increase in the organic social media reach. Just look at all the big companies, such as Facebook. They all have employees who are constantly advocating for the brand and promoting their content.  You don’t see promotions about the growth and activities on Facebook only on the main fan page. The team is also sharing news and opinions that multiply the social media reach.You can do the same. But never force your employees to advocate for your brand. Find those people who'd love to do it, and give them a chance. Paying for ads is cool and maintaining Facebook fan pages is necessary. But, that’s not where organizations should stop. Getting team members to promote content is crucial!

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Have you ever wondered why successful organizations are doing surveys? There are many reasons for it:

The good news is that surveys and survey requests are no longer limited to email. Companies can now survey their audience in real time via social media. That means that a business can get instant feedback with a simple poll that asks a critical question. So, don't be shy: ask away! It's a great way to get your audience engaged (most people love to vote and answers surveys on social).

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