13 Big New social media marketing trends in 2017

13 Big New social media marketing trends in 2017

Social media is bound to take centerstage when it comes to the digital marketing strategies in 2017 and its rapid growth will serve as its fuel that will map it among the best options marketers can target. 2017 has seen a new twist in the social media marketing industry and among the big new trends that marketers are taking up include:

The social media ecommerce avenue is blowing up in 2017 with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook providing ways for marketers to present clients with ways to make direct purchases. Social media platforms are adding ecommerce features and since 56% of users target brand names for products, marketers are leveraging the same to provide a purchase option.

A big trend in social media marketing in 2017 is social media automation which is crucial when it comes to aiding marketing professionals to device specific strategies. Automation is a step that will ultimately aid brands in prospecting and determining the avenues for the delivery of content to the right audiences.

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A standout trend in social media marketing is the use of ephemeral visual content sharing idea. Ephemeral content constitutes the unscripted, authentic content which has the power to capture and build trust between a brand and prospective customers. Ephemeral content is being used in 2017 to provide details and ideas including behind the scenes, live events, announcements and how-to-videos.

Among the social marketing options being taken up by marketers, live video content stands as an important component. With 14% of marketers being characterized as having tried live video in 2016, 2017 will see more than 46% of marketers take up the option to use live video content. Providing interactive video on varied social platforms like Facebook, Periscope, Instagram and Twitter will ultimately shape the marketing strategies of various brands.

A trend that is taking face in 2017 is the increased investment in mobile Ads and with Facebook commanding $7 billion in 2016 in Ads revenue of which in excess of 70% was from mobile Ads, visual Ads aimed at engagement and relationship building will get more investment. Twitter mobile Ads offering sponsored stickers and hashtags are also adopted strategies in 2017 that are driving the mobile Ad field.

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One of the biggest social media trends in 2017 is the use of influencers in the formulation of marketing strategies.

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